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Friday, November 8, 2013

I need help TT^TT

Hey guys, I could really use your help!

Tonight, about three hours ago, I took a corner way too fact and crashed my truck into a highway guard rail. I'm not hurt, just a little shaken up, but the truck is totaled. So now, besides needing to pay of a $268 ticket, I need to get a new car and I have like no money.

I'm going to start looking for another job since Gamestop keeps not giving me any hours, but if any of you guys could help and commission me for comics and stuff I would be eternally grateful. each pic is $5, and you can just make me an offer for stories.

please, I really need the money now :(

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hawaiian Delicacy

After roasting over the coals for hours, the sexy twink popstar was positioned on a platter and the Hawaiians carry him out for the party, serving him as the main entree.

Flame roasting Justin Bieber

the flames licked at Justin's back, his delicious twink ass crisping as he roasted alive in the huge brick oven, his hard cock about to add another coating of his "Special sauce"

Oven roasted bieber

Justin sizzled as the oven door opened, the pineapple slicing making his meat even sweeter as is delicious meat juices seeped into the potatoes in the roasting pan to give them is flavor.

Justin's new image

"So... How will kneeling naked next to a grill help me change my image?" Justin asks as his buddy snaps a pic "It's like that Cyrus chick did with the wrecking ball. it's edgy and artsy... but now that I look at it, I don't think it really drives your 'I'm hot' message home like this. Here, climb up onto the grill and let me slather you in barbecue sauce, this'll really drive the ladies wild..."

Justin Grilling

"Man, this grill sure is huge. I wonder how many other guys have been roasted in here?" Justin thought to himself as he felt it heat up around him, prickling his smooth skin as the stuffing stretched his tight ass.

One Dinner-ection

Harry gave his band mates one final look, before they closed the oven door and turned on the oven, roasting him alive.

Kidnapping Harry

"Damn, this British kid looks tasty. His ass took SO much stuffing too" One of Harry's kidnappers chuckled as they pushed him into the barbecue, his blonde accomplice smirking "Yeah, and we're gonna be SO famous for eating a famous kid. We'll be freaking legends."

Fire Grilled Popstar

Harry twitched and squeaked cutely as the flames licked his belly. Grampa loves squirting the fire while he roasted the cute twink on the outdoor grill.

Frat dinner

Harry hated when his big bro brought him back to the frat house. He always wound up stuffed and garnished, then ended up as meat for some drunken dinner party that night.

Zac Effron meats the Cannibals

Zac thought his World traveling uncle brought him to Fiji to learn about the native tribes, but as soon as they got to the first village, the tribesmen grabbed him. They ripped off his clothes, bound his wrists and ankles, and rubbed his naked body with juices and spices before putting him over the cooking fire. He hadn't been brought to learn, he was just lunch for the cannibals... not that his Uncle didn't partake of course.

Luau lunch

The Luau was a huge success. especially when every one got a taste of the juice meat of our celebrity guest. His moans from the roasting pit were pretty hot too.

Roasted Zac

A cool breeze meets Zac as the oven opens, the sexy hunk roasted to perfection, much to the pleasure or the hungry men waiting on the other side of that oven door.

In a pig's eye

 "I-Is it time for me to come off the grill yet?" Zac asked weakly as he saw the grill door open his chest and legs sizzling against the hot gas grill. "Ha! in a longpig's eye."

Zac's getaway

Zac loved getting away to the country, a nice secluded cabin where his lover could roast him alive over an open flame until his hot body was golden brown and dripping with juices.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

pool side snack

Nothing like a cool dip fallowed by a warm, struggling meal... wait. oops

Preying it cool

Kale was so cool. He just sat there and chilled as Jeff's pet python swallowed up his legs, trails of saliva dribbling down his thighs as he just sat there and smirked at our shocked faces as our cool twink friend was eaten alive without so much was a squirm.

Voracious photo shoot

"A-Are you sure about this?" Zac asks, kneeling over for his big photo shoot for his upcoming movie "Voracious: snakes in suburbia". As he did, a large snake that was supposed to be draped over his back suddenly latched onto his head. The handler told him not to move, and the director told him to roll with it as the camera snapped shots like crazy as the python swallowed down the sexy actor's head, and the rest of his body too.

deep swallowing

The Hunk sighed and swirled his finger in the water, so deep in his own thoughts he never even noticed the huge snake swallowing up his lower body, fully enjoying it's plump, juicy meal.

Sacrificed to the mountain snake

Aliin knew this day would come. He'd been left at the post naked as a sacrifice to the giant mountain python that had plagued his village for so long. He could do little else but cup his sweet 18yo balls for protection as it swallowed up his hairless legs and hips, looking up to the sky one last time before he was engulfed in warm, fleshy darkness, knowing once he was a squirming mass in the snake's belly, it would only be a matter of time before his friends and brothers all faced the same end.

some more pokemon vore

Ash and Ekans

 Brock: Um... Should we try and get him out?
Misty: Nah, he looks good as snake pudge~
Ash: C-Come on guys, you're not really gonna leave me in here, right...

Gourmet Ash stew

"Ah, such an aroma, clearly there is no better meat to be found than you, Ash" Cilan trills happily as he laddles some broth from the stew down Ash's back, making him groan and writhe in his cooking pot as the stew simmered around his bare, tender body, absorbing his flavors as it softened his meat.

Having the twerp for dinner

Ash groan as he lay on the dinner table, basted in sauce and roasted to a medium rare as Team Rocket stuffed there faces around him.
"Prepare for trouble, The twerp makes good meat" "and make it double, let's dig in and eat"
"To protect our diets from devastation" "To dine on the people within our nation"
"To roast up the tasty boys we all love" "Stuffing and basting to the stars above"
"Jesse" "James" "Team rocket, snakes on Longpig at the speed of light" "Surrender now, so we can eat you tonight" "Meowth, this grub's outta sight!"

Ash for lunch

The guys sat around feeding their Pokemon, Max chuckling at how fast Munchlax was scarfing down poffins
"We better hurry up and eat, before Munchlax finishes his lunch and comes after ours" "Hehe, yeah," Brock replied as he fed Bonsly, looking over at Ash, who sat naked on a platter on the table, ready to be his friend's meal.

Ash Entre

"I can't believe losing the competition mean I get served for lunch" Ash grumbled to himself as he lay naked on a platter on the champion table, before Drew stuffs an Oran berry in his mouth and sits down "Well maybe try reading the rules before entering a Gourmet Trainer food fight"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dinner for the spa staff

"Mmmm, perfect" The resort chef said with a smirk as he looked over the handsome meal he'd prepared "Come no, Nate, did you really think that herbal rub was part of the spa treatment? I outright told you I was using sage and oregano. Hehe"

Tasty glamour shot

"Are-Are you sure these pics will get me picked up by a casting agent?" Lance asked, sounding a little unsure as his friend Jake snapped off picture after picture of his naked garnished body, standing with his ass held out just as instructed "Hell yeah, dude. One look at that ass and those legs, and the dudes'll be busted down the door to get at you" Jake replied with a smirk, knowing his hot sexy friend would make a perfect longpig, even if he didn't know it "Ugh, ok, but hurry" Lance grunted as he looked back "this carrot is so big, I dunno how much more I can take of it inside me"

Getting him ready

"Keep that ass spread, piggy. I've got some more stuffing to shove up into you then it's into the roasting pan with you. You'll cook up good and tender, boy~"

Tenderizing the neighbor boy

"You gonna act up again, meat?" Tyrone asked before smacking his new 18yo neighbor boy hard on the ass with a plastic spoon. "Mmmgh! Nuh-uh" the boy replied through the apple that had been shoved in his mouth shortly after he was forcibly stripped and dragged into his neighbor's kitchen. "That's right, boy, you are meat. And meat is meant to be cooked and eaten, and you are going in that oven to be my dinner tonight whether you like it or not" Tyrone commanded, striking him on the ass again and reveling in his anguished yelp. Slowly the boy looked back at him and nodded sheepishly, the look or submission in his eyes telling him he was successfully broken, and the only think Tyrone liked better than a tender little white boy for dinner was putting them in their place before hand

Stoked for dinner

"Hehe, wow. I've never seen a boy so happy to be my dinner" the cannibal man said with a smile, watching Alec stroke himself as his meat as inspected and garnished "I better get you in the oven before you blow that perfectly good boy cream sauce on my counter top."

Being meat for the Holidays

Kyle loved this time of year. Getting to hang out in the kitchen naked, all the guys in his family checking him out and picking they're cut of meat. Then the big day comes and he's on his back, moaning and writhing in pleasure as they all pack his ass tight and put him in the oven.

Sexy entree

Seth had been planning it for a while, but when it finally came time to play longpig in a cannibal snuff film, he had no idea how popular seeing his sexy tight body stuffed and garnished would become with actual cannibals.

High steaks gambling

"Haha, come on dude, don't gimme that look. The deal was that if the Yankees win, I'm dinner and if the Redsox win, you're dinner. Scores don't lie and now it's time to pay up and get in the oven~"

Breakfast in bed

"Mmmmm, nothing says breakfast in bed like well done boy meat" Mike said with a smile as he pulled off his boyfriend's turkey bootie and tossed it side before biting into his tender fillet of sole.

Tommy burger

Tommy shivered a bit as he lay on the grill. The cool wind licking his back as the electric coils heated up underneath him. All the while he saw his older brother staring at him like a piece of meat...which is exactly what he was now.

"Mmmm, Damn lil bro, you look good enough to eat!" Derek says with a smirk as he watches his brother Tommy kneel on the table as the meat in a giant burger. "Shut up, dude. You may have won the bet this year, but I'm getting a piece of your ass in my stomach at Christmas" Tommy shot back, shuddering a bit as one of the cool pickles stuck to him with mustard started to slide down. "Yeah, I'll believe that when you're not nestled deliciously between lettuce cheese and tomatoes" Derek replied, licking his lips as he looked over his boy burger brother hungrily.

Brick oven bliss

Tommy moans filling the kitchen as the flames licked and prickled his soft tender skin. He's been picked to be the meat for the Christmas dinner, and after having his tight ass vigorously packed with stuffing, being garnished and basted in garlic butter, he was put on his elbows and knees in a huge metal basin and slid into the brick over to roast alive. He was in heaven. Tommy loved being a longpig, it all felt and smelt so good, he came hard after the first few minutes, adding his jizz to the meat dripping that he'd be basted in later to keep him moist. Hours passed as he writhed and moaned into the apple in his mouth before he was pulled out, a golden brown feast for the eyes and stomach.

Prize winning Barbecue Longpork

"The cornerstone of good BBQ is a thick, rich sauce" Tommy heard his uncle Rick say as he continued to brush the tangy substance over his tender young nephew's body. He'd bought the boy from his brother to cook him in the Barbecue contest, and Tommy was surprised to see he wasn't the only Longpig being slathered in barbecue sauce on a grill, but he defiantly looked the tastiest. Just about everyone who saw him comment about how they wanted a bite out of his supple round ass, including his uncle.

Father Son cookout

"Alright, meatboy, get on up there" The man smiled, squeezing his son Tommy's feet playfully as he climbed up onto the hot tinfoil covered grill. The juice from the pineapple sliced dripped down his back, and every time the teen moved he could feel the load of stuffing crammed into his ass move, and it made him moan through the apple in his mouth. He'd known his dad was planning to eat him for a long time now, and now that he was prepped and read and he could feel the heat of the grill tingling his skin, He loved it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Executive meatboy Mowgli

"You See James, my Summer camp Longpig collection plan worked without a hitch." Giovanni said with a smile as Mowgli, a tasty young boy, was served roasted whole to him in the board room. James sweatdropped, having never tried longpig, he was a little weirded out "So, um how does it taste?" "Like the finest tender pork in a cute, fuckable little animal, ripe for the slaughter" Giovanni chuckled darkly as he began to carve up the still living roast boy as he sat on his plate.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Muchlax's Mowgli roast

Munchlax smacked and murred at the delicious meat as he chewed, the steaming roasted jungle boy having been served to the hungry Pokémon on the floor of the Pokémon center where everyone could see. "Wow, I can't believe you actually roasted him, Brock" Ash pointed out with a fascinated stare and the normal type continued to chow down. "Well, Ash, you're just luck so many kids want to feed Munchlax, or you would probably be in his place right now" Max said with a chuckle, him and Brock both smiling at the thought of Ash laying naked in a roasting pan.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My vore OTP, Kaa and Mowgli

"Mmmm, delicsssiousss" Kaa thought to himself as his forked tongue licked and savored the taste of the mancub's lower body. The famous python had managed to catch Mowgli off guard and sunk him deep into a blissful stupor before he could even call for help. With the boy in his control, Kaa pulled him up higher into the trees and discarded his unappetizing red shorts before instructing him to relax. Mowgli complied, and soon the coils around him gave way to the warm wet embrace of the snake's gullet as he became what he always should have been. Kaa's meal.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cole stuffing

"Fuck dude...I packed so much stuffing into your ass there's no way I'll be able to fit the carrot in there too" The chef chuckles and he rubs the twink's buttcheeks, keeping his legs raise up over his head as he eyed his stuffing crammed hole. But Cole just moaned
"Mmmm, who cares, just pack it in deeper and shove in the carrot, the oven is calling!"

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much in a while ^^; between my mom being in the hospital, my stepgrandfather dieing, my hectic work scedual and all the other bullshit that's been piling on, I just haven't had the time. BUT THET DOESN'T I'M GONE! I will still make manips and stuff and post them when I get the chance. However, now there's a new problem...

Spambots fucked my request box to hell and pushed all of your request down into oblivion ^^; so, I have to take it out behind the woodshed and put the poor box out of it's missery. So, now, if you have a request for a manip you'd like to see, just Email it to me at with the title Vore Blog Request. Or, if I post a pic on here of a Celeb boy you like, but want to see him cooked or eaten another way (I put him in an oven, but you wanna see him in a stew pot) post a comment and request it there!

Of corse, there's some rules for Reqest now, so I don't end up with tons of useless Email.
1. Don't just list actors you want to see eaten, I can just as easily thing of WHO to use myself. Each request should have a Who, a How. I want to hear Who's on the menu and How Are they they getting cooked, prepared, sold or eaten.
2. This is a VORE AND CANNIBALISM BLOG. As such, all request for pics of boys "not cooked and without all food and junk on them" will be ignored! If you don't like seeing celebrity boys getting eaten, this isn't the blog for you XP
3. All Request will be made eventually (and the ones that have already been discussed with my through Email ARE comming,) put they make take some time, so please be patient with me.
4. If I do make you your request, Leave a comment! If you have some fault with it, explain what it is and how it could be fixed. If you like it, say so, I'd love to hear what the people who actually see my manips think.

Monday, January 9, 2012

All Snacks (Cannibal All That parody)

Some of the season 10 cast are chilling in the green room before a show when Jack bursts in with something in his hands. "Dudes, you are never going to guess what I found down in the vault!"
“What is it?” Kyle asks excitedly, his voice cracking as usual. Jack smiles as he walks over to his male cast mates and asks “Ok, you know how the writers and stuff always watch while they make us rehearse the cannibalism-based sketches over and over?”
“You mean like Jim Tasty?” Ryan asks, before Denzel chimes in with “And the Zortogs?”
“Exactly! I found out that the writers are big time cannibal fans, and have been ever since they started All That. However, seeing as cannibalism is frowned upon and illegal and all, they were never able to eat anyone, so they just made the cast members…us, do vorish stuff.” Jack explains, before pulling out an old video “in fact, the original cast made a whole episode of cannibal sketches that was never aired…you guys wanna see it?”
“Hell yeah we do!” Ryan says excitedly, the others cheering in agreement before Jack quickly pushes the tape into the VCR and the boys hop onto the couch to watch it on the big screen.

Fresh out the box
Stop, look, and watch
hungry yet, get set
we’re All Snacks!

Oh, oh, oh we are All Snacks
we are All Snacks!

Check it, check it, check it
Now this is just an introduction before
we fill your gut
our meat is All of That and yes we do it all the time
So roast our booty in the oven or on a spit
stew or fire pit
Just don't go burn it
'cause everything we do
we’re All Snacks!
While entertaining you
we’re All Snacks!
My posse and my crew
we’re All Snacks!
So dig in 'cause we're coming right back

Oh, oh, oh we are All Snacks
we are All Snacks
Oh, oh, oh we are All Snacks
we are All Snacks

The scene opens with Josh Server walking into a room where most of the other cast of All That were already gathered for their big annual random-but-somehow-important dinner party. He walks over to Lori Beth and holds up a large bag of ice.
“Hey Lori Beth, I got the Ice you wanted, where can I put it?”
“Oh, in the cooler by the food table is fine. I’ll put the sodas in it later” she replies, before returning to talking to Kenan. Josh just shrugs and heads towards the food table, walking through a croud of party guests to get there.
“Oops, sorry Josh.” Christy says as she elbows the boy, making him groan and drops a little bit of the ice.
“Oh, my bad.” Danny says after backing into Josh and making him spill more ice. Amanda doesn’t say anything but a quick “excuse me!” as she almost runs Josh over, Leon knocking him even more as he chases close behind her “Hey! Move it, fool!”
by now, Josh had spilled quite a bit of ice on the floor and was slipping all over himself, before he leaped and crashed into the food table, spilling the food for the party everywhere and all but bringing the party to a halt. It takes him a minute stand back up, but as soon as he does, Lori Beth grabs him by the collar and drags him over to her and snaps “What do you think you’re doing, Josh? You destroyed the big annual random-but-somehow-important dinner party!”
“Uh, well…it’s not completely ruined, I mean, we could always scrape some on the food off of the wall” Josh says sheepishly, though he quickly withdrew as he saw the rest of the cast glaring at him.
“Yeah, well who do you think’s gonna fix this mess?” Lori Beth asks sternly, before everyone suddenly hears a whistling sound. Out of nowhere, a figure crashes through the roof, bringing a good deel of roof with him.
“That the heck was that!?” Kenan shouts, before the figure jumps to his feet unscathed and strikes a heroic pose “That was me! I’m Repair man man man man man man man. Heeheheheheheehe”
“You’re a repair man?” Lori Beth asks, setting Josh back down as they all stare at the strange man
“I’m THE repair man” He corrects her “I can repair anything and everything”
“how about repairing the big hole in the roof?” Leon asks, before Repair man points to him and continues “No! Now, I heard there was a mess that needed fixing?”
“Uh, well yeah” Josh says, still sorta sheepish “see, I accidently destroyed all the food for our big dinner party, but I doubt you can fix that…”
“PISH-POSH! ” Repair man interjects suddenly, his abrupt heroic hand motion causing him to accidently slap Danny in the face before grapping Josh and hefting him over his shoulder like a sack of meat “I can fix anything. Fear not citizens, I will return soon with your meal!”
“Hey, I’m being carried off” Josh grunts as Repair man carries him over his shoulder and runs off, leaving the rest of the cast to wonder what exactly he had planned.

Josh squirmed as Repair man carried him into the kitchen and plopped him down on the counter top.
“Ugh…hey, I’m not a sack of potatoes!” He protests, before Repair man grabbed Josh’s clothes and tore them off, leaving the boy naked and struggling to cover himself as he sat on the counter. “What the hell are you doing!?”
“I’m fixing the dinner you destroyed!”  He declares happily as he pulls over a ball of cooking twine.
“W-wait, what does that have to do with me being naked?!” Josh grunts, struggling feebly as the stronger male tied his wrists and ankles together before lifting his legs up, making him blush with embarrassment. Josh stutters as he tries to choke out a question while Repair man uses his teeth to pull off his glove before massaging the boy’s hole with his bare fingers. Josh moans begrudgingly as he felt the so-called Hero’s digits penetrate and stretch his ass before pulling over a large bowl of stuffing and pushing in an entire handful. By now Josh was moaning loudly as each handful packed inside him fills his guts until the bowl was empty and Repair man pushes in a large carrot to cork the young meat’s stuffing hole. Josh continues to struggle in his bondage as Repair man brushes his slim body in the thick sauce, basting the boy evenly before tucking his limbs against his chest before tying him tightly into position. He fills a roasting pan with potatoes and lifts Josh into it before lining his sides with pineapple slices. Josh was about to try one last time to beg for his life, but was silenced when Repairman quickly shoves a big apple into his mouth. The preparations finished, Repair man triumphantly pushed the vainly struggling youth into the oven and turned up the heat. After writhing in the oven for several hours, Repair man pulled a now golden brown Josh-roast. With a wicked smile he carries the roasted boy out to the party, proclaiming “Dinner’s ready!”


And now Lori Beth Denberg with Vital Information for your everyday life.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When slow roasted, boys make an excellent meal.”

“Three blind longpigs, see how they run…into things”

If your name is Steven and you have a turkey-boy named Stefan, then come Thanksgiving, you'll be Steven, stuffing Stefan!”

If there is a new kid in school, put a sign on his back that says: roast the new kid. Then watch the fun begin”
This has been Lori Beth Denberg with Vital Information.

“And now, Channel 106B presents Cooking with Randy.” The announcer says as Randy stands behind the kitchen island of the TV show set. With a smile he waves to the audience and says “Hi, I’m Randy and welcome to a very special episode of our show. It’s special, because it’s our last episode.” The audience awwws together, and Randy continues “Yes, yes, it’s very sad. Anyway, with this being our last time together I decided to make a very special treat I’ve been wanting to make for a long time now, My Special roast chocolate longpig with the help of my good friend Andy!”
The audience cheers as Andy steps out, completely naked, and joins Randy. Randy smiles and grabs Andy’s ass, making the boy gasp a little, before continuing “Mmmm, plenty of good chocolate meat there. Now let’s get started, shall we?”  “Uh, sure, but will chocolate really roast or will it just melt?” “I have no idea!”Without further hesitation, Andy climbs up onto the kitchen island and lays on his stomach in the large roasting pan Randy had set out for him. He gets into position and smiles as Randy pulls out a big bowl of malted milk balls and begins to stuff him with them. Moans fill the studio as Randy spread his friend’s butt checks and filled his hole with the chocolaty balls, each of them rubbing his insides and pleasuring him as more and more are added. Finally, Randy stuffs in a carrot carved out of chocolate, letting it stick out a ways so everyone could still see it as it corked up the longpig’s ass. Randy quickly filled in the extra space in the roasting pan around Andy with chocolate chunks before drizzling chocolate sauce over his back, eliciting even more moans from the future treat. Finally, Randy stuffs a chocolate apple into his mouth and finishes off the dishes preparations. “And there you have it, one tasty looking chocolate longpig ready for the oven. Well, that’s all we have time for, so from cooking with Randy…” Randy says, displaying Andy to the audience before wiping some of the chocolate sauce off of his ass with his thumb and licking it off before giving a thumbs up in one swift motion “See ya!”